Borderline PCOS?

I was told today that I enjoy borderline PCOS. Whats the difference with borderline PCOS and merely PCOS. She put me on 500mg or metformin.Did you have this and receive pregnant easily? I am ttc for 1 year.

Answers:    hey,,
pcos does gross it harder to concive - but not impossible!
and metformin works great for some women -
Im not sure what the diffrence is with borderline pcos- and pcos is.. ive never hear of it being borderline!

I know women can hold polocystic ovaries - with out have polocyctic ovarian syndrom - so maybe thats what your dr. process - which would be good word on ur ttc!

check out some of the pcos websites - theres heaps of help on in attendance - and the chatboards are great - soulcysters is good..
ably I was diagnosed near PCOS back within october 2007, I never heard of borderline PCOS, i'm also on metformin and hold been trying to become pregnant but have no luck as not being competent to conceive is one of the symptoms of having PCOS.

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