When Do You Have Menopause?

People Said That You Stop Having Bad Cramps Or No Cramps At All After Menopause And I Want To Know If That Is True And When Do You Have Menopause.

Answers:    There are several factors that come into play when trying to determine when menopause will inaugurate for a specific woman. Family heredity commonly influences when you will approach this milestone. For example if your mother was menstruating until her unsettled 40s or beyond, the chances are pious you will too. Other factors similar to women's health can influence menopause. Certain disorders and diseases of the reproductive system can result contained by a hysterectomy at a young age and cash what nature intended. With no external influences, similar to illness, the average of menopause beginning is 45 to 60.
Anywhere from age 45-55 or even higher. Happens around age 50 and it is true.
You are considered menopausal after 1 year next to no periods.
You can be going through menopause for years.
menopause it different to respectively individual and after menopause you get no period yes no cramping.But can get anxiety,depression, hot fashes, heart palps and more. I am 49 started getting symptoms at age 41 still seize periods and very soon 49 but i sure feel the anxiety and depression. I would read out i am in peri menopause. A pious site on menopause is powersurge. Menopause can happen at any time. Even within your 20s. However usually its around 50. My wife went through menopause at age 47. No more cramps but you hold to deal near hot flashes.. My wife always used to be cold. Now she is hot even surrounded by the middle of the winter.

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