I lately started YAZ Birth Control today. How long until the side effects see contained by (nausea especially)?

Im going out of town in a month and I started it within the middle of my cycle (doc said its fine) because I really want to see how my body responds to it as soon as possible. So I guess Im asking, for common side effects such as nausea and immensity gain, IF i do experience them, when do they usually kick contained by? The first couple days?

Answers:    Nausea and crankiness is almost an immediate effect of the pill. My suggestion is to hold the pill at night, or previously going to bed so that you wont feel any of the side effects close to nausea. Weight gain depends on you. Being on the pill is almost like person pregnant, you will have urges to put away, so its up to you to control them. Exercise and watch what you guzzle so that you dont gain wait, though your breasts might move up a size.
in the first week.
the only counterweight i gained be in my boobs :)
nausea is pretty fruitless for the first month. u feel pregnant alot

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