For Arthritis, Carpal tunnel, Any Hand Ailments?

if you have one or adjectives of the above, is this hard to prove on an x-ray?

I hold it coming up negative respectively x-ray and my blood work for the above is "fine" but I am in severe twinge my hands and cannot find a assignment that doesn't require the use of the hands.

I own severe hand pains which swell at the joint, and have affliction 24/7. I take meds that don't work. Hand splints don't work.

I be a court reporter, so now I cannot hold a career as I have anguish in my hand. How can I prove that I have pains?

Answers:    you can hold carpal tunnel. my friend has it from typing at her chore. go see an othro surgeon. i love mine. he is awesome. i simply had surgery on my knees wed. but i would see an ortho dr. they can help you out alot.

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