Question something like anti-depressants while breastfeeding??

i am almost done being prego, and i want to breastfeed.
the entity is i am bipolar and young, so im at greater risk for
postpartum issues.
i be on lithium carbonate, propanolol, and lexapro before i get pregnant, but stop them right away and have be fine throughout my pregnancy.
i was a moment ago wondering if anyone knows of anything i can pocket that wont excrete in breastmilk besides zoloft and paxil because they dont work.

thank you

Answers:    sorry honey but adjectives of that stuff excretes in breast milk. I don`t know try doing both so that if you do need to start taking meds again later the baby will be used to formula and the babe-in-arms has gotten the best stuff out of you (collesterom?) But if you are really worried around it talk to your doc your subsequent appointment and see if they have any suggetions

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