I hold stress urinary incontinence. What can I do?

Im 16 and i pee when I laugh. Not adjectives the time. Idk why, but sometimes I do. I know its something that might've gone through, but I want to know how to stop it. Help

Answers:    Hmmm, you're so young for SUI and you utter it doesn't happen adjectives the time?
Maybe it's more of an immature bladder...do you tolerate your bladder get too full since you empty? Maybe try to be in motion more frequently.
As someone else said, keep your freight in the everyday range.
And you're not too babyish to start doing kegel exercises. Here's a link near a description of how to do them.
I suggest you see a doctor. I have stress incontinence when I enjoy a UTI or kidney stones.
If that isn't the cause.
Are you overweight? That can front to stress incontinence. If so try losing weight.
Kegel exercises will abet strengthen the muscles that hold your pee.

Well you could go see a urologist and discuss your option. It sound's like your urethra or bladder is anodyne. There are things they can do to help stop this but don't be suprised if they want to linger until your older and finished growing first. In the be a sign of time you could try wearing a panti-liner if it's just a bit, I mean a physical little amount you pee if not wear a lean maxi pad to protect your clothes a nd prevent you from have a wet spot and smelling resembling urine. Good luck.

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