I have need of back near a possible form problem... fatigue, heart and dizzy spells...Help?

Hello all,
Here for almost 6 months now I own these "spells" that make me really lightheaded or dizzy...sometimes I own to sit down to make it stop. My heart will lash funny...not fast...only just a hard measure that I can feel almost within my throat and then it will dance back to conventional. Usually this happens during resting times not when I am alive. And I cannot shake this tired all the time reaction. I am the mother of two toddlers (almost 2 years old and almost 3.5 years old) and so I am running after them most of the time, but I go to bed at 11pm at the most up-to-date most nights and acquire up at 7 am usually with the kids. so i.e. 8 hours most nights...but the kicker is... very soon with adjectives this tiredness I now hold restless leg syndrome that is worse when I am overly tired. Does anyone know what this is? I know I involve to see the doc, but I would like to step a little more informed if at all possible so he doesnt just elapse it off as my kids are making me tired. Thanks!

Answers:    It could be a quantity of reasons.
Stress, too much caffeine, heart problems, hormones, body adjustment, and bad sugar. You could also be allergic to something, even mold surrounded by the house somewhere. See a Dr. thats your best bet.
You might want to check your blood sugar levels. i would shift to a doctor. I know that you think that it is of late a little something you might grow out of... but in attendance is always that accident that it is something. See your doctor!
I suggest you go to a doctor and ask for a MRI or an EGG and they will inform you if you are having some problems up here they might send you to a special brain doctor it might be expensive but worth it I hold the same issues and my doctor have tested me for everything and still can't find out why I'm having these symptoms/episodes. Maybe you are dry? Do you drink enough hose? Or it could be low blood sugar. Do you have high-ranking blood pressure? I would definitely see your doctor and report to them straight up that you are worried and you want to get to the bottom of this. Hope you discern better soon...good luck.
Have your thyroid checked.

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