What can I do? my husband due to medical problems can't hold sex but what do i do near my sex drive consequently?

my husband has serviced cancer, have diabetics, and has a stride maker and due to adjectives of the he isn't able to own sex. i didn't married him for the sex but still have a sexual drive of my own. i will never quit him or cheat on him, but i don't know what do. i feel that he know i am struggling with this and i dream up it is hurting him that he is unable to do anything just about it.
we have tried the little blue pill and adjectives that other in the area but due to his health they enjoy too many side effects for me to grain safe for him to use. Any helping tips out at hand. please no offers of sex.

Answers:    capably right after my first open heart surgery 17 yrs ago my sexual libo simply stopped like someone have turned off a hurricane lantern. Oh for a few years I was still competent to achieve an erection but no desire tfor sex. Well it wasn't long until that time there no longer be there any competence to achieve an erection. I too enjoy diabetes which proved to be the main explanation for the loss of erection
I turned to oral sex to attempt to satisfy my wife. I tried to turn it into an art form by erudition all I could going on for making love to her clitoris. I asked for her help and guidance and after a trend I was competent to not only provide her next to sexual pleasure but skilled in helping her pull off multiple orgasms but making oral sex the main expression of love between myself and her. To be successful, the man must truly be interested contained by pleasing his partner no matter how long it might steal and putting her pleasure ALWAYS FIRST. I take no meds to pass me the ability to slake my wife. We have also introduced serval different electric toys such as vibrators and mostly massagers to provide clitorial stimulation when a bit more is needed. My second erection was 15 years ago and my wife have orgasms at least once a week. Every week lots times more than one. I try to make her grain like the center of our sex world at lowest possible for an hour or two. (we now are within our 60's and I had my second friendly heart operation 6 yrs ago and am insulin dependent). Sex for us is better now than it be 20 years ago.
umm masturbation? sorry to hear that.good luck
Oral. Sex. Buy a vibrator!!
He's still get a working tongue doesn't he? You say you're the one beside the unfulfilled sex drive, tell him to catch lickin!

also, I'm not sure what you meant by "he have serviced cancer"
honestly either masterbate or use a dildo Make a shared appt with his Dr. or a urologist and ask just about it. There are other forms of sex.
Buy a viberator, cyber sex. Well, have you talk to a doctor about this? They're usually competent to help. If not, self pleasure, through toys or otherwise, come across to be the best bet for you. I'm sorry, hun. Good luck, though!
You can try oral sex. Also try fantasies like phone sex and you masterbate. Toys or tuff it out
you can try buying some sex toys. You could enjoy him use them on you. Maybe him doing this for you will make him lively eventually. I'm glad to hear you will never cheat on him or leave him because of this. There are so lots people that would lately get up and go off or go cheat in need thinking about the other person's mood. get a dildo/rubber man meat and hold him use it on you
Ever hear of this? Your husband can operate it while you use it... Could be fun?


Awww I'm sorry to hear that. Have you husband please you by licking your womanly area (not wanting to be reported, that's why I don't use the TRUE word) and play with your womanly nouns. Also buy dildo's and masturbate to porn. Hey it helps me out when I'm craving sex. its noticeable, there is NO other process to neutralize your sex drive other than a dildo..yep i said it, and meditate of you and your husband while doing it? or you can always read those romance novel that are aimed towards women
You can definately masturbate alone to help, but consider the other things you can do near your husband. Can he perform oral sex on you? Stimulate you manually? Just because you can't own intercourse doesn't mean you can't be physically intimate next to your husband. I'm not trying to be smart with you, but I guess you're just going to hold to go buy yourself a toy and explore your a story life.

Good luck, I can`t bear it for you. I was married to a woman for ten years and after the first 3 our sex-life be pretty much non-existent. I was within my twenties, I almost went crazy.
Well you should look into fun ways of masturbating. Their are plenty of things you can do lacking a man that are just as fun. By a dildo, a vibrator, anything that will pleasure almost resembling a man can. You can find this anywhere on the internet or at books in bookstores. I merely hope your man is fine with you masturbating. Making love isn't a short time ago about intercourse. There are ways to variety it happen short actual penile penetration. Use oral stimulation as capably as a vibrator (toys) and you shouldn't have any problem. It can incredibly enjoyable for both of you if you share surrounded by the experience. Physical touch and imagination can provide for much satisfaction..the largest sex organ is the brain.
Don't perceive bad, women hold sex drives. As humans we need to fulfill the sex drive if not other problems might occur. Orgasms release endorphins from the brain which engineer you happy, if you dont own endorphins released.. your depressed and its terrible. suggest going to a sex store and purchasing a dildo or vibrator and possibly your husband can use it on you, or you can use it on yourself. I'm so sorry fro your dilemma. if you need someone to communicate to im here for you!

Hope all go well.

Introduce some toys for your contentment...he's bound to get excited when he see you work with them. Good luck jump to Adam&Eve.com and check out toys
You should sue.. My mom's best bud did, and she got PAID. He said that his conjugal was suffering because he could not pleasure his wife.

But o.k some accepted wisdom ---

~~Get some toys so he can use them on u~~
Do other things. he can still use his hands right... I don`t know even his mouth.

You have to gossip to him about this. Maybe he would agree to you be with another women, < If that would be something you would be into.

Just be open out and make sure you guys make conversation about this because it's serious! Luck hun! chow
Your interrogate is bit incomplete

can't use condom ?

perhaps Kama Sutra may back --what to do on such occasions?
buy a blow up doll =] return with another husband...DUH!!
Get up against the washer during the rinse cycle. come over to my place
I dont know (I'm twelve)
But wanted to utter
it's a group of cells surrounded by the right atrium
so did u mean he doesnt own a pacemaker?

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