Menstrual Cramps?

When I first started my period, I didn't hold any soreness or any cramps for a few years. Now it seems resembling every month they get worse. I'm eighteen in a minute, turning 19 in May. I be wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I know most women seize cramps, but did you start off next to none at all? Cramps are also the simply thing I go and get (so far), no soreness anywhere else. Do you think I'll start getting soreness too within a couple of years?

Also, are there any foods or drinks that will oblige lessen the pain. I'm drinking hot tea right immediately but it doesn't seem to be working. And I've taken every pill available it seem like. Currently I own Women's Tylonal, but I've tried Midol and Pamprin as well. From experience... what's worked the best for you?

Any warning and/or comments are welcome. Thanks.

Answers:    It might be your hormones adjust a little bit. You might want to dance get a check up and sort sure there isn't anything wrong.
Sometimes for a while work out helps me have a feeling better, I also try to cut back on my brackish intake and avoid caffenine prior to my period as all right.
Heating pads sometimes help out. Midol works best for me.

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