All possible reason for a belated interval please?

is there a possibility of blocked tubes?

please confer me as many possible answers.

(yeah, pregnancy is one, but others?)

Answers:    your time of year is triggered by the hormone fluctuation so blocked tubes could affect fertility since the egg canbnot reach the uterus but should hold no bearing on when you win your period. nippy weight gain or loss can trademark it late, ovarian cysts, lasting medications, condition, stress, crash dieting, thyroid conditions, hormonal are several possibilities. if you do not get it surrounded by a week. do a pregnancy test if you are sexually stirring. if that is positive later go from at hand with the doctor but send for the doc if it is neagative too. he or she can start ruling oyut what is causing your problem. hope everything works out for ya.
Some metamorphose in your lifestyle or stress could end in you to be late or some tubal infection. -first few period, they tend to skip
yeah i thought that, i havent had mine for ages but i go to the doctors and she said it can be late because of stress, fruitless diet or too much exercise. don't worry it'll come eventually, depending on how ripened you are it can take a while for period to adjust in young years it could be a couple of years before they become regular, honest luck! Stress, underactive thyroid
Stress, diet, exercise, changes within weight, lifeless around other females, hormone changes etc. can make happen a late or missed length.

You can read more here. the region
Recent viable scientific coercively suggests that "getting your fruit pie punched" or otherwise becoming significantly PREGGO are potential contributing factors of a unsettled period. Hope that help!

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