I've just now be diagnosed next to PCOS. I be wondering what symptoms everyone have? tired, sore boobs, agony?

Answers:    I have PCOS. It's not fun at adjectives to go through. The adjectives symptoms are getting stray hairs on your chin, or breasts, your period will be very irregular, you may hold some pain within your ovaries at times. Which doesnt happen to me much anymore but it used to be thoroughly painful. I don't know if this is related but I also used to get hold of pretty frequent UTIs. I've yet to find a doctor who really know much about the syndrome. All I enjoy been told is that you can purloin birth control to regulate your periods... try to drink closely of water and a clean diet to keep your immensity down because its very comfortable to gain weight. I be also told that if you keep a vigorous weight your likelihood of getting pregnant will increase. They also have horomones for you to cart if you want to have children.
I own PCOS. I am extra hairy (not nice), spots, put on weightiness easy...unbelievably very messed up term. some mood swings.. if its bad you can acquire medication but I prefer the natural approach!

Good Luck!!

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