Loss of Sex Drive for A Girl.?

Hi I need to receive advice from anyone who might hold an opinion. Ok, I'm 21, I'm surrounded by a relationship of 2 and a half years. I love my boyfriend and I cant stand the notion of him with anyone else. I dont outstandingly want to be with anyone else any. But I have really no sex drive at all beside him. I do fancy him though, he's a good looking lad. Sorry to be gross but I dont give the impression of being to naturally lubricate anymore and sex can be reasonably painful if he get giddy and I'm not physically ready. Sometimes I only do it, because I feel really fruitless, my boyfriend is a horny guy, he fancies the pant off me. Which I find unyielding to believe, coz I'm not a skinny girl, I'm not massive but I'm definately no Kate Moss. I smoke weed. Could this be a reason for my loss of sex drive? In my younger days, I be EXTREMELY promiscous, my boyfiend was sympathetic of my saviour from the adjectives promiscuity. I feel resembling a freak coz I just NEVER want to enjoy sex anymore. I like cuddles and massage, just never want SEX. HELP!

Answers:    Strange - weed usually relaxes a girl and open her up to things like sex. But it could be the problem.

Try stopping the weed for 2 weeks and buy a bottle of lube.

There will be times where on earth he will want sex and you dont - this is kind of regular. You are being a trooper for have sex with him even if you are not interested. Keep this up for the duration.

But long permanent status - he will become un-happy unless you become aroused/enjoy sex with him. Guys receive a lot of happiness if we can 'curl the girls toes' with our lovemaking.
STop smoking WEED it's the weed.
Are you on birth control? Some birth control such as the depo shot, cause vaginal dryness and doesn't allow much natural lubrication and also sex become very humiliated! Now, it can also decrease libido. Check out the side effects of your birth control if your on one. As for the weed, I own no idea. I've never tried it. However, I'm contained by a Human Sexuality class for my psych major and this is what it say about Marijuana. It enhance mood and reduces inhibitions surrounded by a to make sexual behaviors smaller amount stressful. It can inhibit sexual response and may distort the time sense, with the resulting mirage of prolonged arousal and orgasm. It doesn't say anything roughly speaking it causing vaginal dryness.

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