Birth Control Pills + Condoms?

If used correctly, how effective is the birth control pill combined beside condom-use against pregnancy? A link from where on earth you obtained your information would be loyal too. Thanks!

Answers:    "If you and your partner use both the condom and the pill, you reduce your downfall rates. Using math, we find that by combining the failure rates of both a masculine condom and the birth control pill yields a damp squib rate of 0.002% for combination pills and 0.01% for progestin only pills, if both relatives follow their birth control instructions perfectly. The typical fiasco rate that people can expect if they combine the use of the condom and the pill is .75%, target that about 7 or 8 of every 1000 women will find pregnant under typical user conditions. That is better than the pregnancy risks associated beside perfect use of condoms. Needless to say-so, doubling up on contraceptives is a very knowledgeable move to avoid pregnancy!"

"You're on the pill AND using condoms, and that gets you give or take a few as close to a zero arbitrariness of pregnancy as it gets lacking abstaining from sex, so long as . . . you're using both methods properly and consistently."

Another way to double up on birth control methods is to use condoms and separate spermicide--preferably foam.

Congratulations on self conscientious about birth control.
Actually, I well-read from health class that that will probably do it. in actuality has a sector with question like this and so does don`t know you should look. well if condoms are 90% efficient (ish) and the pill is ALMOST 100%, then you've get nothing to verbs about. even only just the pill would be enough for me. sadly. you've got to enjoy the condom for STDs, though.
100% ish.. nothing but abstinace is 100% but the pill is 99.4% surrounded by most cases effictive all by it's self and i give attention to condoms are somthing like 99.9%... using lately one is a wider window but combined holy cow girl you should be safer than for knox...
Plannedparenthood. com zilch is 100% but if you use the pill AND a condom, i'd say you really don't enjoy much to worry just about. talk to your doctor though.
if you use both the haphazard of getting preggers is low.

90 something %
Don't do that it'll make things doomed to failure depending on yourr body. 98% effective beside Birth Control Pill alone
89% effective near Condom alone

So pretty darn good next to Birth Control Pill & Condom together.

Plus the Condom will help protect against STDs.
The Pill is 92-99.7% impressive
Condom 80-90%
Combined probably 98-99.9%

Not even abstention is 100% if you mutually stimulate each other.

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