Effects of Birth Control Yaz?

I will be starting Yaz tomorrow. This will be my first time taking Birth Control. Can any of you share your experiences with this BC? How did it brand you feel? Did your acne modernize? Thanks a lot!

Answers:    I've be on it for a couple of months. I like it better consequently I did my previous bc, ortho tri-cyclen. I get rather nauseous the first few days of the pill packet, but zilch major. And yes, my skin have improved since taking it. My period are much lighter.

I'm happy next to it. But with birth control, what works for one soul may not work for someone else.
I just started two days ago. So far so well-mannered but it's only be 2 days! haha I'll let you know I hold been on Yaz for one month. The cramps are the worst I enjoy every had. I also have a period of a week or two where on earth I was fundamentally sad and moody. In mixing, my period started impulsive on it by two weeks - I have no conception why. And it hasn't stopped since. The blood clots are terrible. I am not sure roughly speaking the acne just on the other hand. I don't have too may pimples to originate with. I talk with some girlfriends in the past that were on it and the adjectives complaints were severe modiness (which is weird since it is intended to treat PMD) and extreme cramping. I contacted my doctor on Friday to see why my period is the path it is - it is supposed to be shorter and lighter. I am going to continue to try it for 2 more cycles and see if things even out. If not, I will hold to switch to another method and this has be a very discomfited month. Good luck!

EDIT: Yes, I have to agree near hot1. My breasts have also be sore but not nearly as sore as when I started Ortho Evra a year or two back. That be a difficult adjustment. The breast tenderness for me have been mild to moderate whereas the cramping be more severe at times after first starting it.
i started it little over a week ago and my skin is starting to change but my boobies are really sore hey

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