Still bleeding after Birth Control shot.?

I had the birth control shot on january 29th and i newly started bleeding like it be my period! After I have the shot, i bleed a little but i thought my extent was supposed to stop... I inevitability answers, other than run see your doctor please.

Answers:    You didn't mention if this was your first shot. When I get my first shot, I bled on and off for an entire month or more!! Actually, for the first several months my period were completely crazy. Then around my 8th or 9th month, I stopped have periods altogether. It be great!! FYI: your periods are going to exploit differently than if you were on birth control. Also, produce sure you watch what you devour while you are on this. One of the side effects is weight gain, and I did gain solidity on it, too. Good Luck!! Just stick it out. There is nothing wrong beside you. It's normal.

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