I'm 15 and I've be on Birth Control for 2 months.?

I'm 15 and I've been on Birth Control for 2 months presently. I'm not sexually active. I use it to regulate my extent. I went to a friend's house for the weekend and forgot my BC at home. So I go one day in need taking it and now I'm bleeding similar to a water hose. Excuse my clear description but its true. Someone tell me if I should run see a doctor about this?

Answers:    You'll be fine; in recent times continue your pills as commonplace. Whenever you stop taking the hormones, your body thinks its time for your spell. You might have two period this month though. It will get pay for on track fairly summarily, but you've got nil to worry almost because this only have to do with your body, not pregnancy.
It's completely average =)

Continue your BC pill cycle like usual. If the indigestible bleeding continues, then check next to a doctor.
normal No. It's freshly your period untimely, basically, because you didn't nick the pill. Continue taking it as you normally would, including the placebo week. By the subsequent month it should be straightened out.
no, just read the pamplet it come with within case you miss a pill. you most promising have to bring them both when your supposed to take your subsequent pill or just stir on with your dosage and sign out that pill out. you can always telephone your doctor and ask or GOOGLE the brand of the pill to view the FAQs or pamplet online at their website Anytime you miss a pill, you involve to double up as soon as you remember. When you stop taking the BC, it tells your body that it's time for your spell to start, so it's nothing leading.

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