To adjectives who suffer from endometriosis and PCOS?

I am trying to figure out.. what caring of pain do u have a feeling? and when?
I am having backache.. but wana analyze it.


Answers:    You should get desperate cramps before and during your perids near the endometrosis. I dont think have pcos causes discomfort unless you get an ovarian cyst. I find aleve works the best for cramps and try to cut out the caffine.
i own pcos... and pretty much have what perceive like constant menstrual cramps if i dance off the pill. I enjoy pcos and I can't recall have pain. Try going to the pcos site and they enjoy forums with adjectives kinds of subjects.
By definition PCOS is plentiful ovarian cysts and can be excruciatingly painful...sometimes ALL month as be the case for me. It be very sharp lower abdominal niggle on one side or sometimes both.

I'm sorry, I've not had endometriosis so I can't comment on it.

I be recently diagnosed beside endometriosis. I had a laproscopic surgery that confirmed I have it. I have have horrible cramping and nausea during every period that I have when I wasn't on birth control. At this same time I would have bowel problems. I other felt tired and worn down. I also suffer from ovarian cysts, when the cysts would rupture I would enjoy an intense burning pain and my side where on earth the cyst was and would winding up up at the hospital. I had endo so desperate it had fused my intestines to my ovaries, to be exact what was cause my bowel problems. I have have one pregnancy which grew outside the uterus onto my ovary and have since have more surgery to remove extensive scarring caused from the endo. I am 24 and enjoy no children. My doctor tells me that birth control will relief calm down the endo and most probable I will need to IVF to enjoy a successful embryo implantation in my uterus. There are so various symptoms of endo that mimic other things so it is hard to diagnosis minus surgery, but best advice is to step on the pill and see a good gyno. Best of luck to you.

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