Byetta and PCOS?

Hi, everyone!

I've been reading up on Byetta as a treatment for PCOS (off-label prescription) and the reports I'm seeing from individuals look pretty promising. I enjoy PCOS, and generally run of the mill glucose, but a pretty compelling family history of Type II diabetes and hyperinsulinemia. I haven't have my own insulin level tested, though I do own some mild hypoglycemic symptoms.

Anyway, I'd like to stir into my next checkup near my RE armed with some obedient info on Byetta. It looks from what I'm reading like it would work to control the hypoglycemic symptoms and stabilize my consignment, which has be all over the place the final few years. Do you know of any clinical trials or studies that have be done for this use? I doubt the doc is going to be impressed with blog entries and message board posts, which is most of what I've found.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Answers:    There is a clinical trial of Byetta mortal used for PCOS currently going on in Louisiana. You can see the info here:
I don't know of any clinical studies on the issue of Byetta for the Insulin Resistance that can go down with PCOS for some women. One place you may know how to find out more is from the company who makes Byetta to see what they right to be heard. To get a hold of them walk to: and then check for a "Contact Us" unit to see if they have a form you can teem out to find out more about this.

Another site you may know how to find some information in adding together to the company is thru PubMed at

One of the side effects that can occur from Byetta (based on what I've read) is that of nausea especially if the meal eaten aren't big plenty to cover it.

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