What cause cramping, fatigue, nausea, strange interval cycles, and brown discharge contained by women?

Answers:    Cramping, fatigue, nausea, and brown discharge - Puberty and/or menstruation, as well as pregnancy.
As for strange extent cycles..:
1. Frequent large amounts of stress, or spontaneous small amounts as okay.
2. Health; from as small as a cold to as big as a disease or STD.
3. Activity; if you're suddenly very involved (whether it be in sports or freshly exercise, or sexual) it will reflect on your time.
4. It depends on how far you are into your period. During the first few years, your term will be very irregular, but eventually it will steady out.
5. Diet change.

But, you being masculine, may I ask why you want to know this? (I'll be watching, please tell me contained by "additional details" or message me)
im pretty sure hormones do... I hold all of the above symptoms around the time of my time. In my case it is completely common. But you need to be checked out by your GP or ob-gyn to rule out serious problems that are unlikely but still possible.

If the symptoms bother you deeply, your doctor can prescribe birth control, which in copious women helps beside PMS symptoms and irregular cycles.
PCOS - polocystic ovarian syndrome
ceoliac dissease - wheat/gluten intolerance.
but also stress... ect

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