Pregnancy from finger notion.?

i know this sounds stupid and naive, but on the 1st of feb ( today is 24th feb) i be touched in my nouns by a guy , who had in the region of 10 mins before ejaculate. he had wash his hands , and qhen touched me did NOT gain access to , but rubbed the area etc. i enjoy not had my extent yet and its nearly the completion of the month. i think that if i am stressed give or take a few it , apparently that would delay my spell and today i twas thinking of taking a pregnancy test. it is probably paranio but i come across more bloated , but my boobs dont hurt at all and my backbone is fine etc.
please put me out of my naive misery!

Answers:    Don't worry, it is especially very extremely unlikely.If you don't get your term within a few days by adjectives means give somebody a lift a test but stress is far more probable to delay your extent than this form of petting.
Probably you are not pg. I have never hear of somebody becoming pg that way. But to impart you a sense of peace go get hold of a pregancy test so you can sleep better at darkness I don't think so, on the other hand for your convience you may have a simple pregnancy testing through pregnancy strip, that's too economical and no one will know in the order of it.
Unless that guy has a peni on his fingers... nah.. without a solution..

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