Does anyone here go and get really really really fruitless PMS symptoms?

what do u do to make them not as bleak. i need some suggestion.

Answers:    It all depends on what your symptoms are. I procure killer migraines starting 5-7 days beforehand my period. I thieve migraine and general headache medication to combat them. You should talk to your doctor just about your symptoms and see if there are any medication that could help. For behavioral change antidepressants can help (Zoloft, Paxil, and Prozac are three commonly used examples). To relief regulate your cycle and combat symptoms, hormonal birth control can help. Yaz have been specifically approved for combatting PMDD, or Premenstrual Dysphoria Disorder, but others can be only as helpful. Exercice and relaxation technique, like Yoga, oblige some women. Seeing a therapist who can work next to you on some techniques for controlling moving issues and show you relaxation techniques to facilitate deal next to emotional and physical symptoms may be a accurate option. My proposal would be to see your general physician or gynecologist and jump over your specific symptoms and discuss your options. Ideally non-pharmaceutical option would be tried first to help minimize side effects.
Yes, I own gotten really bad PMS issues, especially next to the mood issues. I found that taking B6 as part of a bottle of B Complex be very practical. You can also find B6 in a bottle by itself.

Because of how doomed to failure your PMS symptoms are I would recommend checking with your doctor as all right for even more information.
Well what are your symptoms?
Tea to relax is a good one, baths, heat pads, midol/pamprin/ib profien, ect..., massage, mediation, sex, hot tubs Hi - I suffer from bad PMS, too. :( After I have both of my children it got worse for me. Since I know it's coming (meaning my period), I really try and budge with the flow.although that doesn't other work. My OB/GYN told me that you can take an anti-depressant during & past the symptoms occur. Exercise and lots of hose down help me flush out my "tude." I also try and stay away from carbs during my PMS, they bloat me. Good luck to you. I know how you be aware of.
when i PMS, i feel resembling my stomach is going to rip in partially. i find sitting on one of those seat-warmers in some cars, taking a hot shower, and unsurprisingly taking a pain-med. but dont OD in the meds. (heh heh, funny, but no so funny story) but most of adjectives, i find not eating the most advantageous, even though its bad 4 u.

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