Birth Control Pill?

I'm 16 1/2 and i'm going to go to the doctor to bring on the pill because i have horrrible period that are long, heavy, beside bad cramps, and VERY irregular. What pill would u reccommend have had the best nouns?

P.S. my mom knows in the order of it, so im fine with getting it

Answers:    I would recommend Alesse, and that's probably what your doctor will hand over you considering your age and situation.

I had the EXACT same problem, next to horrible/irregular periods. Alesse have a lower dosage of hormones, plus it clears up your skin if you have any mild acne problems. I be prescribed with Alesse when I be 15 and I'm still using it (I'm 19 1/2 now). I've also been on Ortho TriCyclen Lo, but didn't close to that one as much, because that one didn't really help my acne problems. Alesse help my periods become lighter and shorter, and I didn't own that bad of a time near cramps. I've also heard of a unsullied type of birth control called Yaz that's said to achieve rid of bloating/cramps and PMS associated symptoms, so you should ask about that as economically. I've had great luck near Alesse, so that's why I recommend it. Hope this helps you out & apt luck!
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youre doctor will know which one to put you on and which will work for you; so you shouldnt enjoy to ask this question on here ur a lier, u freshly want that diAAACK!
Definitely Aviane. I take this for matching exact problem! I've had like peas in a pod problems since I was younger. I've hear several good things just about ortho-tricyclin (3 different levels of hormones respectively week) and ortho-cyclin(the same amount of hormones each week).
im on the patch..but i wld enunciate yaz bcuz tehy contrl mood and other stuff tht regular pills doenst do SEASONIQUE
yes they work so good next to periods. im on alesse, flawless luck! Your doctor makes this choice for you. They know the estrogen/progesterone level in respectively of the pills and prescribes the one that best meets your situation. It will serve with your period but it may take 2-3 months. There are literally hundreds of birth control pills on the bazaar, that is why it is up to your doctor to agree on what is best for you.
yaz maybe?
I don't know anything more or less birth control pills but my friend is on it for the same problem and this one pill (I expect it's yaz) also helps acquire rid of acne. moms and the doctors knows best
Definitely Tri-Cyclen!! You don't gain weightiness and it reduces the adjectives of acne! I've been on it for 6 years and hold had no problems!! It will facilitate you allot! Your doctor will be able to better determine which pill will be right for you. I go on a pill called Ovcon 35 and have some success next to it in helping near my severe cramps. I quit taking it and switched to the NuvaRing because I was desperate about taking my pill every year. I also tried the OrthoEvra patch, but that didn't help my period. Your body may react better to a different pill, so progress with what your doctor say. You may also have to try a few different in the past you find the best one for your body. I would also suggest staying away from the generic pills because from what I've heard from my doctor as ably as personal experiences that the generic tend to not work as well. Their hormone level can be different than the artistic pill it's based on.
Personally, I don't close to the pill at all. Period. Success vary drastically from person to personality. Something that works for one woman, may have shameful side effects for another.

I prefer Depo Provera to any of the pills I've tried. I didn't experience any of the side effects you hear about from it (weight gain, etc). No period, and you get it every 3 months, so near isn't the issue of forgetting a pill.

Here's a link to a comparison of a range of types:
seeing that your doctor knows almost your health, they will be the one to choose the pill for your..

using a particular birth control brand isn't like buying a 'cool' brand of shoes. the brand you catch will depend on your health, your requirements, what your insurance covers... and so on.
your doctor knows more in the order of each brand, so you choosing one doesn't formulate any sense. they also have something like the same efficacy.

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