Birth Control Questions?

okay, im 16, 120 lbs, and 5'0 if that counts for anything, thursday i am going to the doctors to get on birth control, and i hold a few questions more or less it (im going to ask my doctor too but just to take a few second opinions):
1.) what is the best kind of birth control to rob? i know the doctor is going to put me on the right one for me, but just wondering!
2.) do most birth control pills hold side effects? which one has worked best for you? ex: immensity loss/gain, hair loss, heart problems ect
3.) do you surmise i have to verbs about achievement weight on the pill? this previous year i have lost 48 lbs and i really dont want to gain any of it rear!!
4.) when is the best time to take it? im thinking at dark, because then it might be easier to remember if i form sure its part of my intact "getting ready for bed" routine!
also, anything else i have need of to know about birth control?

gratitude so much (:

Answers:    Congrats on losing the weight! That's awesome!

Here are my experiences and skill.

Avoid the depo shot. There's the potential of major counterbalance gain there. I gain over 40 pounds and I know someone who gained over 70 pounds. That be part of the saddest entry to me, as I had lost 14 pounds previously going into the docs to get it to instigate with. The depo is honest in decreasing your term to being almost non existant, but I have breakthrough bleeding that would last 5-6 weeks long! Young those are limited on the shot to 1-2 years, as it affects bone density.

Progestin-only pills or POP are foolish due to the fact if you do not give somebody a lift them at the same minute every light of day, you get breakthrough bleeding. (According to my doctor)

The Implant:
According to my doctor, the virtuous side is that you don't have to verbs about it for 5-7 years as they place it within your upper arm.

The bad side is it can affect women within one of three ways.
1- absolutely no interval.
2- breakthrough bleeding, which can be a major cramp.
3- bleeding non stop, in which bag, a person can become anemic, so they enjoy to remove it.

She reckons that the majority of patients experience breakthrough bleeding, persistent a week to as long as a month.

Dual hormone pills

These are your typical Birth control pills. I'm on Yasmin and take it at hours of darkness time. It sometimes makes me a touch nauseous, especially at the formation, so my doctor had me filch them right before bedtime. It works too. I haven't have any real signicant counterweight gain (except too many sweets at Christmas hehe). The pill have helped my out of wack thyroid (due to the depo) to become a moment or two better. Very slowly losing weight.
Periods are lighter and shorter, but I still own heavy cramping. Overall, I'm far smaller number emotional on the pill, than the shot, and I'm more myself.

The shot, I focus, causes severe mood swings when pumping so much hormones into a character at once. The pill is far better, with a moment or two bit over the course of time.

There are some pills where you will gain counterweight. Yasmin, you will not. Make sure to tell your doctor that you don't yearning to gain weight on a pill, because, agree to me tell you, it's an uphill struggle to lose solidity when you take something that cause you to gain. Bleh.

Hope my info has help you some! There are lots of different pills out there, I'm sure the doc will find one only just for you!
Even if you get the pill or some other method of birth control from your doctor you should still use a condom to protect yourself from STDs. i recomend the nuvo ring. instead of taking a pill everyday, you insert this little soft ring within your vagina. it stays in for 21 days. you whip it out for 7 days, have a short spell, put in a untried one. you cant feel it at adjectives.and theres nothing to remember to lift everyday.everything out there have side effects, but most are rare. ive have no problem with this so far. also know that you CAN still catch pregnant on all forms of birth controll...and you are NOT protected from any stds using birth contoll alone..except condoms...they protect against both, but not 100%.. i hope this help...good luck!

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