Is it a sign of anyone pregnant if she loses her sex drive for no root?

alright my girlfriend is on the pill and about a month ago( rather less) she took two different pregnancy tests and respectively came fund NEG, and she has a upright apetite for sex like she is other the one every day to start things up. and next like times past 3 days she will start to get into it and next back out and say aloud that she doesn't want to do it. help me out please!

Answers:    if you really enjoy sex EVERY day.for an extended spell of time.she probably just desires a break, or maybe she have vagina burn from doing it too much...or maybe she feel like its adjectives about sex and requirements more love and companionship..
Try being a bit romantic. a dinner, flowers, and a work genuinely not expecting it to head to sex..just because you love her...if she's not right contained by a few days.just agree to her!
Maybe she is getting a conscience and hopefully learning that the Lord doesn't want you to sleep near a girl until your married. I can only pray! freshly for the on the pill can kill Ur sex drive, respectively pill has diff hormones that Ur body react to diff it can sometimes take a few tries to capture the one that's Right for Ur body...
Usually being pregnant will form a woman more sexual. Sounds like your gf have some things on her mind. Maybe she is under seriously of stress, worrying about getting pregnant? When I be worried about becoming pregnant, and did NOT want to be pregnant, I would avoid sex. Kind of took the happiness out of it, ya know? There is no such thing as "no reason".
I am not sure . But i other here them say that when a woman is pregnant her sex drive become high. I put in the picture you what when a woman becomes matured some rather they realize that sex is not adjectives there is to existence or a relationship. The more mature they are the tolerate sex becomes the fore most article on their brain while some are the opposite. A man inevitability to understand his woman surrounded by order to solve the problem. signs of precipitate pregnancy are going to the bathroom more often
tiredness she will own a change surrounded by the nipple area it will step darker yes even loss within sex drive is one but it doesn't really mean she is pregnant if she lost her sex drive at hand could be alot more going on with her that you might not be aware of lose of sex drive could anticipate shes depressed maybe she considered necessary to get pregnant or perchance she could feel insure in the order of her self just chat to her its normal to be behind don't sweat it if the test come back neg it mode shes not
decrease within libido from women generally come from two key sources: 1) hormonal changes (ie the pill or pregnancy) and 2) STRESS. Seriously, stress is the best opening to wreck a great bedroom life. Funny since sex can (sometimes) be a stress reliever.

Why not settle to her and see what's up? Let her know you're ok with going through cooler period, but you just want to produce sure that she's ok and see if there's anything you can do to help (especially if it's a stress thing)

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