Girls please basically you enter?

BOYS stop,don't read it!!

well,why don't i draw from my periods regularly? i get my first about 3 years ago,but i don't grasp my periods really regularly till immediately,some times it's regular but most of the time i'm like a boy!!
i know i'm so anxious adjectives the time and i'm UNDER PRESSURE and all the tautness from school and stress of the duration,but i'm still virgin,but why shouldn't i be like a REAL girl??:((

Answers:    I hope you'll bestow me a pass on the "boys stop" rank, I've been a practicing gynecologist for 30 years.

ABSOLUTELY. Stress can normally cause delay or irregularlity in menstrual cycles. I know that academy and life can be stressful, but I dream up it's really important that you identify ways to lessen your stress nouns, find ways to relax. Taking walks, enjoy quiet music, reading. Something, it doesn't concern what.

Also, if you've been have issues with your parents or teacher or whomever, you might try talking it adjectives through, sorting it out, so to speak.. I had a childish patient (about 16) years ago who purely stopped having her period. She and her mom were at likelihood bigtime. Well, we finally got them to basically have a long series of heart to heart and BAM, period started right spinal column up, just approaching magic.

this is everyday. you need more or less 2-3 years to begin to enjoy your period regularly. But afterwards some girls only clutch a few months stress could be a factor...and also do you do alot of exercise?? because this can cause disruptive period, especially if you've lost weight not long. They will probably get regular soon but remember, some women never become regular
First of adjectives, you're not like a boy. Boys don't seize periods at adjectives. ; )

Girls, ALL GIRLS, have times when their cycle isn't as regular as usual. If you're babyish and only started your interval in recent years, you aren't going o be regular. Stress (like you mentioned you're under) can explanation you to have a past due period or to skip your time of year altogether.
Your body has too cart a lot of time to attain used to your periods, but also it could be alot to do next to stress too. Don't worry sweetie! For the first few years it take a while for your menstrual cycle to settle down! I got my first interval when I was 13, and it didn't become regular until I be 16, going on 17!

Perhaps the pressure is getting to you? You should talk to your college nurse, she'll be used to dealing with this sort of entity. You could also ask your mom about when her time of year settled down : it could run in your home.

Don't worry, hunni, you're a unadulterated girl! Never fear!

Good luck! = ) xx
Don't verbs, hunny!

I got my spell when I was 14...

I'm 25 in a minute and its STILL not regular!

It's very mundane. You're not a boy - or even close to that at all. Just try to relax and help yourself to it in stride, hun!
i know rite? i havent gotten my time of year 4 a while now and i swear im a virgin yeah thats commonplace
Cool down dear...every human is one is like peas in a pod.Urs maybe, the cycle hasnt come to u on the other patience...

dun verbs..if u reli worried..go to a woman clinic...
It can embezzle awhile for your period to be average, also if you are depressed or stressed it may stop for awhile.

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