Keflex 500mg and Birth Control Pill?

I need to achieve a root canal, and my dentist prescribed me Keflex 500. I also hold oral contraceptives..he didn't say anything around it affecting the effectiveness of my BCP, but I basically remembered that some antibiotics do that. My husband and I had unprotected sex yesterday, and it be during my you estimate that I could get pregnant?

Answers:    If you didn't give somebody a lift the Keflex yet than I wouldn't verbs too much. Call a pharmacist before you hold it and ask if there is an alternative that can be used.

If you already took both than within is a possibility that you could become pregnant (period or no period). I doubt it though. If you only took the Keflex once or even a couple of times I don't believe it will matter that much. But approaching I said call a pharacist (like at Walgreen's, they're terribly helpful) just to product sure.

Here is a website that I looked on to find out Keflex. It's also a great tool if you have any drug or medical question!

I wish you luck! (root canal are no fun...)

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