Pregnancy after miscarriage!!?

Hi everyone, sorry this is a little bit of a long one! I have a miscarriage on chistmas day, it be a complicated miscarriage and i didnt stop bleeding until jan 10th. since the i havent had a interval. Stupidly 10 days ago we had unprotected sex, took the morning after pill and again a couple days after that we did duplicate, since then found out the medication im on couteracts near the morning after pill and would prevent it from working, something i didnt realise then. Getting really sharp pains on my right appendage side the last 2 days and worried i might be pregnant?! could i be or is it too soon? i dont know when to give somebody a lift a pregnancy test because i dont know when my spell is due? can anyone help?! Thanks x

Answers:    If you can, you really necessitate to see a doctor and ask him/her about this. Sharp pains could propose ovulation, but not if they aren't normal. They don't nouns like pregnancy.
nick a test. perform as if your pregnant and go to the doctor if entail be. It could mean pregnancy or a miscarraige. The individual way to find out is to see an OBGYN. In the adjectives, make sure to plan better and use protection. The morning after pill mixed next to other medication could very ably cause a miscarraige. If there's something you can do for prevention, do it so that you won't own to interfere with the colloquial process of the body. This is knowingly creating a spontaneous abortion (many don't know specifically another name for a miscarraige.)

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