Hi i just wondered if anyone could back me, me and my boyfriend have be together 5 months, he knows i enjoy irregular periods and we did own sex with comdoms but lately he begin to ask me to have sex minus, we have be having unrpotected for a few weeks, he have been cuming contained by me and we has sex alot, when i approach him in the region of it he dosent really want to talk just about it, and says not alot come out anyway, and theres nothing we can do roughly speaking it right now. At one point i said a bout a pregnancy he said anything happens happen, he siad theres a low chance because of my period and now alot cam out, immediately hes being wierd roughly it im really confused,

Answers:    What are you thinking? Or is it not thinking!
O.k if you are adult plenty to have sex, later you should be adult ample to educate yourself to the risks that are involved.
Why are you even depending on this bf to even enlighten you the truth about anything- he is getting what he wishes from you and do you even understand that it extraordinarily well could be that a Pregnancy could be the smallest of your worries, what about a STD or even AIDS do you know this boy very well enough to Bet your energy on it- Because you just Have!
And as it sounds you are not contained by any position to support a baby or are you even thinking more or less any of the real life span realities, by the mode it only take one sperm cell to make a tot, and by the way sperm cell are so small that you can't even see each one next to the naked eye.

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