Pregnancy cross-examine??lend a hand?

im 6 weeks pregnant and i i went to the Hospital on Friday darkness because of the light bleeding is not similar to a period is more lighter that that, and i be having some severe headache and chills and the and lower spinal column cramps or really worried that i might loose my newborn! the doc tould me that night that i have a virus or something like a flu..and he said that the wispy bleeding was common only if it be really heavy contained by order to engender a hole pad full it be bad but he said it could be a potability but he didn't enunciate nothing else...u surmise if there be something round that they would of told me right away? i also asked the nurse and she said that there wasent no heart hit but that is ok mete out it's still early..mete out im 6 really worried has anyone here have experienced something like this and turned out to be ok..

Answers:    i would bring a second opinion. i don't ponder it's common not to hold a heart beat, even at 6 weeks.

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