Orgasm On Period?

No, this is not another question nearly period sex. I'm a virgin. But.. if I see or hear something [like a guy describing what he would resembling to do to me in details] and i'm on my length (which I am) will I have an orgasm?

Answers:    Do you as a rule have an orgasm when a guy describes to you within detail what he'd like to do? If so, afterwards yes. If not, then no. It won't be any different on your extent.

Although a guy talking might be arousing, most girls pocket more than that to get bad, there usually have to be something physical as well. But if you can carry off on words alone, next I doubt it would be either easier or harder when you're on your interval.
no. you won't but any other time most probably
Depends what he does.. If he inserts a toy instead of the finger than yes quite possible. Can u ask your sound out in simple spoken language i mean to read out that pls. describe the question
I doubt you'll hold an orgasm just by listen to him describe the things he'd like to do to you.. most probable you will be aroused and start lubing up (getting wet) but unless he stimulates the clit, i doubt you'll have an orgasm. The spell will have no effect except I don`t know take longer.

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