Laser mane removal and PCOS?

I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and revulsion the excess facial hair I hold. Would Laser hair removal aid with this or am I doomed forever!

Answers:    I am not a proponent of laser down removal. I have not one and only known general public who have be burned, but I have scar to prove my pain.

I own heard of Doc. prescribing Vaniqua to lessen the spine on your face. Especially within cases of PCOS.
This may be a less expensive and smaller quantity painful alternative.
all right it apparently works to remove hair from guys. the hackle you grow is only hormone induced anyway, so... its not some eternal coat growing disease. Anyway, it may be painful and embezzle a couple sessions, but it will get rid of the hackle thats for sure! yes! laser hair removal is ace! its affective and doesn't hurt.. but if your edgy have you tried bleaching the facial down? that could help to but isn't as affective. and obviously your not doomed forever don't worry!
yes laser coat removal will work for PCOS but you need to select the laser type and the worker very in moderation IPLs will probably not get as suitable clearance as a alexandrite laser if you are a lighter skin colour. and choose a operator that have adiquate skin cooling as this is as important as the laser. principal thing do your research...

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