I was diagnosed beside endo last year August and hold been on birth control to treat it after my surgery. So far I hold not had any central dramas except for a few pains which almost feels resembling ovulation pains. I have also be experiencing a bit of cramping with some breakthrough bleeding I've be experiencing over the past month non-stop. Could this show that the endo is coming back?

Answers:    Yes, it's possible that this could be related to the endometriosis coming stern. Another possibility is that your body could be having issues next to the particular brand of birth control pill you are on (I've have this happen to me a couple times). I would recommend getting contained by touch with your doctor as very well to see what they say.
The symptoms of endometriosis should come about while menstruating. I'm a endo sufferer as well.
That's not a fun club to be cog of that's for sure!

The endo does tend to come back, even while on the pill. There is no cure for endo, as you probably already know.
I do believe that at the initiation of treatment, with the pill, the twinge and bleeding diminish but can come back slowly. I don't know if you are taking the pill continuously (every light of day without any breaks) because plentiful doctors recommend such approach to keep a woman from have a period and thus not have cramping.
Breakthrough bleeding is common beside certain types of birth control pills. Should unquestionably consult your doctor just to hold it safe.

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