If you own PCOS and you don't resembling birth control is here any other option?

I'm 17 years old. I know losing weightiness is supposed to help I've lost around 30 already and I need to lose 20 more but I haven't notice any changes. I don't resembling birth control I'm against that kind of stuff I don't even resembling to take cold medication lol. The only crucial symptom I'm worried about is that I haven't have a cycle for over a year. If you don't take birth control what other option might there be to backing that?

Answers:    I know you're against birth control but it's so important. Especially for women only just like me. I go 6 months without a term, when I finally got it it last for 3 months and was excruciatingly uncomfortable. What happened to me is call exuberant endometrial hyperplasia- what happens is that my hormones be unregulated so what happened be my endometrial lining grew and grew and grew, it continued to grow until near was no room moved out for it to, so my body expelled it causing the months long extent. I've been on birth control immediately and my lining hasn't gotten gummy again. There is a huge link between PCOS and endometrial cancer because greatly of women let their lining grow and grow and don't have period.

If you do not want to be on birth control you need to be on Provera- Provera induces a extent and helps you to shed your uterine inside layer which causes it from growing too gummy and creating mutated (cancerous) cells.

Birth control pills also help out with acne, weightiness loss, and facial hair. Another point is, a lot of women next to PCOS believe they're infertile. They're not though, they may have trouble getting pregnant but they do achieve pregnant. My friend got pregnant ending year because she used her PCOS as her birth control, she's now a mom. If you're have sex and not on birth control pills, please use condoms because having PCOS doesn't stingy you can't get pregnant.

You'll want to consult your gyno because you want to treat your PCOS. Also, lose weight! Losing consignment can normalize periods. Also, if you're insulin resistance request Metformin because it regulates your insulin production and encourage weight loss!

Good luck!
Take metformin. You'll restart your period in almost 3 months average. Eat more red meat. Vegetarians should eat more spinach. Drink lots of hit water. All contained by all, more iron can serve.
for those of u who are stupid with abbreviation, like me(lol) what is pcos. honestly, you don't entail to go on the pill if you enjoy PCOS

however, you might need to start something to see start your period. - i focus you should sit down with your endo and discuss what sort of things you can do that wouldn't require long occupancy medication.

i understand the anti-drug thing- i be like that for a long time- however, i finally started to treat my PCOS.

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