What cause PMS?

Is there any specific reason? It's something out of curiosity...
I've heard it's because whoever's suffering it didn't guzzle properly before they have PMS. I know what PMS is and all the symptoms and stuff, but I be wondering if there are any specific reason?

Answers:    the hormone surge you get that triggers your extent to start is what causes the PMS. The surge vary each month so some months could be milder than others.

Not drinking and hydrating properly is what makes the symptoms even worse.

This hormone surge is also indistinguishable surge you get when you step into labor. The hormones have told your body that here is something in your uterus that wishes to leave it and this is how it cleans it out. When you attain pregnant, then unusual hormones tell your body that in attendance is something that's going to be hanging around a while.

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