I receive particularly doomed to failure Stress Pains what should I pilfer?

When ever me & my husband fight or I bring back frustrated at my 19mth old, or 5mth ancient or even at anything I get these HORRIBLE stress pains to where on earth they wont stop until I got to the bathroom! Even when I progress away by myself & relax I still get BAD stomach pains & stay within the bathroom for like an hour or more..

They hurt so bleak I can barely consult or breath sometimes! So what is the best thing I can do for this? I don't hold time to go to the Doctors because very well I have 2 boys plus I babysit from 6am until 8pm! I usually cart Imodium when I start feeling the spasm coming! They work OK but I still get pains for resembling 20 sometimes 30minutes!

This all started after I have my first son! Before that I NEVER EVER had this problem!! I know I call for something to take because nil else work.. Not calming down nil! And even sometimes it happens when I'm not stressed.. Please someone aid! And not just right to be heard GO to the Doctor.. I already know I should.. Just don't have the time right immediately!

Answers:    You should buy some psyllium if you're having a tricky time going to the bathroom. Stress can do alot of damage to your body and it sounds close to you are stressed out. Long hours babysitting and having 2 young at heart children is alot of hard work. Hope this help. You can find it at any health food store and it's not that expensive.
THe niggle is only when you are stressed?

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