Stress is taking over. What's occurring to me!?

A few days ago, I was at work & I become so overwhelmed with stress that I suddenly feel extremely weak, close to I was going to collapse. I feel so exhausted, I couldn't breathe properly, I was panting & the stress be so overpowering that I broke down in tears. My executive was worried in the region of me & offered me an early break, but I gently refused, adage I wanted to tough it out.

At the train of my shift, I was so exhausted from the stress that I have no energy to cycle home. I have to get my boyfriend to drive out to collect me & appreciatively his car be big enough to fit my bike inside too. My little cousin accompany him to pick me up & normally I sit contained by the front seat, but this time I pulled myself into the backseat & simply collapsed down in an exhausted, over-stressed state. They be both terrified out of their minds.

Can anyone can distribute me a list of adjectives the things (besides work) that can cause stress or trademark stress worse? Does lack of sleep & women's period count as causes?

Answers:    im sorry :( i have a feeling so bad for you because i go through the same piece, atleast you could tough it out i however got sack because i was too exhausted to jump to work.
when you said you couldnt breath properly etc that is a adjectives sign of an anxiety attack, if your like me you are properbly thinking (no, i dont enjoy anxiety etc) but anxiety can be caused from stress, enjoy you got these symptoms??
1-suddenly feek you cannot breath
2-get flushed and hot resembling you need to sit down
3-racing heart
4-nervous ambience, like butterflys for no apparant pretext

if you do you could be suffering from anxiety, its easy to cure, manufacture sure you go to sleep by eleven and when you gain home from work go for a hours bearing, this releases stress and at the same time give you space to think (it really help me) and try take things confident fro a while, mayby tell your boss whats taking place and see if he would give you a week rotten to sort yourself out,

good luck!! remeber things can just get better :)
Sounds close to an anxiety attack to me. I felt approaching chicken little "the sky is falling" when I started having them. It be awful until I got abet. People will say it be an anxiety attack and they are right, but it is not a sickness. It is a sign that you need to make over somethings in your enthusiasm. You definantly need to engender sure that you get adequate sleep. Something that really helps me is lemon balm (Melisa Officinalis). I drink a cup of the tea every hours of darkness before I walk to bed (except on the weekends) and I'll drink a cup during the day if I'm starting to have a feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It can also be helpful to stop doing things that wear at the body for for a moment while, you need to be as strong as possible, such as drinking lots of alchohol or eating lots of unwanted items food and sugar. It already sounds like you bring back excercise. :) All the best!
Hi- it does really sound approaching an anxiety attack,and whilst things can make later WORSE-they can make other things worse too-eg stress can mess beside your periods and effect insomnia download limewire 4.16.4 and from it download some self relaxation onto your pc or burn them to disc-see if they comfort,take up yoga-that help the mind over body situation-then if it still continues tell your GP-tho I individually DONT think drugs are the anser and most GPs do-it could be something from years ago bugging you now-youd be surprised!!
All the luck surrounded by the world-feel free o contact if you feel fruitless x

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