Tri Nessa Birth Control and zits!?

Last February I started going to the dermatologist for my acne and he put me on Solodyn but I was also on a birth control (Tri Nessa) that be supposed to help clear my obverse up. Well it worked and my face be clear for awhile. Well I stopped taking the Solodyn in July and I stopped taking the birth control surrounded by November. I just just this minute started going on the birth control again (the same one) but for the past 2 months or so I enjoy been breaking out again! I am not sure if I should see if the birth control clears it up or if I should budge back to the derm. (i stopped going within June). If anyone is taking Tri Nessa with duplicate problem any info would help. Thanks!

Answers:    my cross-examine is if this was working for you and working great it sounds approaching then why did you travel off adjectives of it? Unless there be any adverse side effects I sujest you go put a bet on on all of it. Ofcoarse other see your doc first. Best of luck

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