Birth Control Pill, lend a hand?

Im planning on going on the BCP, because I have a really irregular time of year. Can anyone fully explain to me the side effects of it? Is it true that I will have more facial curls and will have more breakouts?! Because I really dont want that! And also, will it sustain my monthly cramps? Thanks :D And how effective is it against pregnancy?

Answers:    The side effects swing greatly from one person to another. Some will gain cargo, some will lose. It is more likely to aid acne, but for some people it get worse. Most likely your period will become regular and be lighter and shorter. I personally own gained some consignment, my periods are short/light, and my cycle is resembling clockwork. I have no PMS except for the occasional crampiness or bloating a few days earlier my period. Some culture have to try a few different brands earlier finding one that works for them, because there are so plentiful out there. It is extremely decisive against pregnancy IF you take it properly. That manner at the same time everyday..not inside a few hours, or whenever you remember.
It depends on what birth control pill you specifically take. Every pill have different side effects, but also different effects on women. To understand thouroughly the pill you want to bring, I would recommend talking to your doctor. He/she will explain it for you. Depending on the BCP you settle on to take, try looking at the BCP's website and they will own bookoos of info about the side effects. Every pill is different. I'm on Orthocylin and I grew some facial mane but my skin is a lot better in the order of breakouts. My monthly cramps are next to nought and they say that The Pill is 99.9% influential.
The pill is 98% effective if you cart it as directed and never forget one. I always forget one or two (separated weeks) and zilch has ever happen. I have be taking the pill for 5 years now. The side effects depend on your body. Some gain substance, some get headache, some get stomachache, some loose solidity, so you won't know until you try it. Many doctors give you the pill when you own bad acne because its hormonal and help so I don't think you will seize breakouts. I never had.neither more pelt..but it will help regulate and you wont take bad cramps...

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