Does stress deferral your length?

ok y mperiod was on January 10 around here and i had sex on February 5. My extent hasn't come. Do u think it hasnt come because ive be stressing too much about person pregnant? Does stress delay your interval?

Answers:    calm down it should be coming soon and stress does hindrance it RELAX CHRISTY!
that could be possible sweetie and pregnancy could also be the reason right presently you need to relax what will be will be biddable luck Yes, stress does delay your time. Hope it comes soon for you!!
yes, it does. sometimes when I am stressed that happens to me. it could be any, im regular as clockwork and i had a particularly stressfull week making it a week late!!
but check for pregnancy
Yes, as you would expect it does. Stress may even make you own periods 2 times on one month as it happen to my best friend.

It usually delays mine.
Yes, stress can obstruction your period, but within this specific case I'd push for you to take a pregnancy exam - that's probably the best solution, since it'll stop your stress if it comes out negative or... if it comes positive, very well there'll be two reaons for you not having your interval, honey. Just do it! Good luck! yes, it does, i remember last year, i ponder in june, i told a friend of mine that i hadnt have my period surrounded by like 4 months, she told me that i should walk to the doctor to see what was up. I know good and capably i was not pregnant. I go to the doctor an they said it could be stress, because i do stress easily, i have to study for my final exams , and im not good at test so i was worried i would bomb my theory test. But yeah stress does delay yourperiod.

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