I entail some suggestions for a angelic Birth Control?

I am horrible at taking the pill everyday and starting up the pack after my sugar pills- I also do not want to do anything like the merna or doesn`t matter what it is called I hold 2 kids and would like more within the near adjectives so do not want to choose something that may prolong my ability to concieve again!

Answers:    I would recommend the nuvaring or the patch.

I do not recommend the depo provera shot. Too several women suffer horribly on it. The negatives far outweigh the positives of this shot.

Please check out the reviews here:
and google "depo provera lawsuit" (several class feat lawsuits out about depo provera).

I'm horrible beside remembering things, however I've been on Kariva (pill) for almost two years and enjoy not forgotten a pill yet. I use my calendar to calendar everyday to go past its sell-by date at the same time, that mode I don't forget! Or use your watch alarm.
you could use the ring. that you correct every month. ask your doctor about one. Well... I enjoy the IUD and it can be taken out whenever, but if thats not your fote' then I would try the patch... It is alot easier to remember later the pill and alot less complicated the the ring.. next to the ring you might experience dryness, and it could come out(at least to be exact what happened to me.) Good luck Hun!
the most significant birth control is the pill. the next birth control method explicitly just as influential as the pill is the IUD, BUT it is not recommeded to women who want to have children because near are risks with uterine erosion using the IUD.

Depo-Provera may be the birth control for you. below are several different links for you to research it.

bowdlerize: is the patch still on the market? I thought they took it sour because of increased risk of blood clots and heart attacks. (I don't know. All I know is my doctor won't prescribe it any more.)

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