Birth control request for information?

is it true that you gain weight on the pill? is within a pill that you dont gain weight on?

Answers:    Researchers hold found it difficult to prove a connection between birth control and substance gain. While many women do gain counterweight after starting the use of oral contraceptives, it’s hard to relay if this weight gain is in fact caused by the use of the pill or other lifestyle factor. In most cases, women taking oral contraceptives report a weight gain of five pounds or smaller number. Only a small percentage of women experience a weight gain of more than 10 pounds after germ a birth control pill prescription. Supposedly, any weight gain or consignment loss related to the use of birth control pills is a side effect that will happen inside three months of beginning of the prescription. Some studies enjoy shown that while the pill may add a couple of pounds at first from sea retention, the added weight disappears as the body adjust to the hormones.

The claim may have have some truth many years ago, when the pill contained elevated levels of estrogen, hormones that motivation water retention and increased appetite. Nowadays, most version of the pill have solitary half the amount found within early version.

There is also another factor that has nought to do with the pill. It is a certainty that most women in the Western world start birth control as teenagers and verbs it through their 20s, a period when women with ease tend to gain weight.
very well i have not even so tryed birth control pills but my friend has and yeah she did put on some pounds...
why dont you try the ring i hear that was a myth

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