Birth Control/Depression?

So i am going on Birth Control in somewhat while because i am having problems next to my period and i acquire very depressed and i hold been adjectives myself and my mom found out and she took me to the doctor and i am on Lexapro and going on Birth Control to see if it helps and my mom desires me to ask the doctor questions roughly sidafects and stuff but i dont know what to ask...

Will you please help me contemplate of some questions to ask and i will grant you best answer!
Thank you for all your backing!

Answers:    Well, you need to ask if nearby is a chance it could make happen further depression. The pill during the first month is a shocker to your body. For me, they started me on the lowest hormone dose possible which was ortho lo. I am a terrifically happy individual and I ended up getting super depressed. I tight, I was damn hard by suicidal. After the first month though, I was fine. So i.e. def something you should talk to them give or take a few. Also, ask about mood swings, bloating, weightiness gain and nausea. Those are all some pretty adjectives side effects that ppl get inwardly the first month. Hope this helps!

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