Itching legs while walking.?

I think it have something to do with circulation, but everytime I hike for exercise my legs start itching soooo bad. It is almost insufferable. If I scratch them as intricate as I want to then I finishing up with hicky looking bruises. Anyone please explain!!

Answers:    That happen to me also, no matter what the weather, no business what I wear. This is because the body is releasing built-up toxins that are stored in portly. When that happens, you can walk back home, shower, drink a hulking glass of marine, and go rear legs out. Or you can just save walking, but walk hugely fast. In more or less 5 minutes, it will go away, until you stop and consequently cool down. But by that time, you should be back home and surrounded by the shower again. As you become more fit, this still stop. Good Luck!

Oh, and get a upright body brush from Bath and Body Works to use in the shower. It works to oblige *scratch* you while stimulating the lymphatic system and exfoliating all at one and the same time!
I have no impression why it happens but that happen to me too.
Exactly the same. Including the bruises when I chisel! if your legs itch when walking, then up to that time you set out put some witch hazel on them, that shou;d do the trick.
Me too experienced before. Itching your leg while you exercising to do walk shows that your body run burning on fats due to calories. At first, i exercised regularly and found why i kept itching my armpits, legs and lower body... A few days after that, I realised that it is because of burning inside as it means to slim your fat down of your 'any part' of body depends on where you exercised and focus on.

I focused exercising on my legs and arms. After a hour, i quality 'burnt-calories' inside and in the shutting, i kept itching them till few days later, it be gone away and i contiuned to exercise more itching because my body was used to it.

No worries, it will be gone after few days. Hey if it still stick with, it means skin problem. Sometimes, when you are outlook sense of heating inside - lead to itching (if you see few red spots inside) as it will be gone after days.

Please note that Itching can make happen many ways.

If you are suffering from eczema (skin problem), pls do buy non-comegic soap that will relieve your dry skin. If still stick with, pls see the doctor.

Drink water regularly max 1.6 litres a daytime as your body need this day after day value of marine.

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