Discouraging Pregnancy?

ok so if there is a risk of getting pregnant... are here any herbs or such things that will abet prevent the pregnancy within the first coulple of days since sex?

Answers:    the morning after pill, I consider you can just run to your pharmacy and ask them for it, I don't believe you have to hold a perscription for it anymore. but I think to be successful you have to hold it with contained by 48 hrs maybe you enjoy up to 72 hrs, I'm not sure.
There are - but they are also rather uncertain. You will find the information on google if you search, but I don't grain comfortable posting it here - you need to become conscious how to use herbs previously you do something like that.

What is available that is to say "safer" is Plan B. It can be taken up to 72 hours after sex to prevent pregnancy.
They have this entity called the morning after pill, but if you don't want to become pregnant than you shouldn't be have sex or at least use a condom! It's call using condoms & getting on the pill!
If you are mature adequate to have sex, enjoy enough parenthood to PROTECT YOURSELF!!
Condoms are only 85-95% effectual, birth control pills 94 - 96% effective. Best to use both.

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