YAZ Birth Control?

How often are you supposed to help yourself to the pill, I'm thinking of switching birth controls, and dont want something I have to lug everyday?

Answers:    You have to purloin it everyday.
You have to purloin it everyday. You're only other option are going to be the Nuva-Ring, the Depo shot, or an IUD. Pills have to be taken day by day except for the week when you have redundant pills. you do have to transport yaz every day. most pills you do. and the ones you dont arent as apposite. I'm on yaz and i love it.
Then you should get a patch or a shot, I never hear of a birth control pill you don't have to rob everyday. You have to filch any pill every day. It's the process they work. If you want to try something that you don't take every daytime, the NuvaRing is a great option. I hold been using it for two years, and I positively love it!

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