I never PMS?

Seriously, I never PMS, i.e. I'm never bitchy (well, more than normal) or stressed out or angry..

How common is PMS? Or am I purely luckily retarded in this opening? And I've had my extent for a while, so it's not like I of late got it.

xxxxx blondieee

Answers:    PMS usually become worse when you hit the 20's or after you have have children
But some people are of late lucky i suppose
i can be terribly moody during PMS.
Well don't brag. I never get PMS until I had my tubal ligation when I be 28, a few months later I started getting it impossible, now I enjoy been diagnosed beside PMDD. Not saying it have anything to do with the tubal but I used to brag, perchance it jinxed me. YOU ARE BLESSED! PMS is a wicked monster that creeps into the lives of frequent, many women. There is nil wrong with you.
I never did any until after I had my 3rd child. In certainty, I used to make fun of it, and believe that it was a moment ago an excuse for other women to be #itchy.
But man oh man, I'm neither laughing nor judging coarsely now! Everyone's hormones work differently. You hold just be super lucky that you haven't had to resist the pain of PMS! Basically, the road people process the hormones and stuff similar to that are different. I never get REALLY bitchy, but I do receive kind of bitchy, while my friend get sooo angry! Take pride in your lucky situation!
Your (future) husband is a lucky man indeed. i didn't find pms until i hit my early 20's and in a minute i'm nearly 30 it's worse than ever. some months are better than others but this month is severe and by the time i get my extent i will have have pms for 10 days non-stop!
one of the lucky 5% (studies show) Lucky YOU!! I really can kill someone next...I mean I seize so nuts that I avoid driving. Have you seen a sticker to put on cars in the region of it? Its funny, it says: Dont achieve so close, I'm PMS'ing! Well we cannot be all lucky.

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