I've be below ALOT of stress and very soon.?

I've been have chest pains. I'm pretty sure its from the stress. I feel fine other erudite, just a dull spasm from here and there. when it comes, it solitary last almost 30mins. and it NOT a killing misery.
Should i be considered? It just started when i become stressed out.
Also, with becoming stressed, i've get depressed.

Answers:    Chest pain can own many cause ranging from anxiety attacks to sour reflux to heart attack. I have experienced chronic chest twinge which was due to sharp reflux disease and a hiatal hernia (the top of my stomach pushed up into my esophagus so that there be nothing to stop the sharp from coming up). One would think that tart would just lead to burning but I felt crushing chest throbbing instead. It is time to go to your doctor so she/he can determine adjectives possible causes and treat you fittingly.
see your doctor. You might just want to agree to your doctor. TYPO : considered should be concerned.
stress can cause abundant bad experiences to the body. The human body is a confusing organism it would be the safest point to do is to see your doctor. Try scents close to lillacs or vanilla ,take hot bathe, if this doesn't help I hope something else does.
perchance see a doc about a possible rx for an antidepressant that also help with anxiety...approaching zoloft. or maybe even merely an anti-anxiety med, like xanax or ativan. lately to help you win a handle on the stress and cope a bit better. You may want to discuss this near your doctor. But, I had one and the same problem about two years and it done up being frenzy attacks. I had chest anguish and heart palpitations. I actually feel like I be dying. Doc helped me out by giving me a low dose of xanax to lately take when I started have isues. It definitely help and now I enjoy no problems.

Good luck and feel better!
It's anxiety, perchance a panic attack. Breathe low and slow...it will pass and it won't hurt you. You might own a low level of calcium. Be sure to own calcium tablets around and vitamin D. Also, don't drink too much coffee.

For the rest, breathe in and out slowly. Smile! :)

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