Why do I want to shop when I own PMS?

Only once a month am I ever so motivated to buy clothes. It doesn't make sense.

Answers:    to trade name yourself feel better i do that as in good health i think it's incentive i always surface horrible when I'm away to get my AF so i resembling to cheer myself up by spending money
I'm the same road. It's really weird, lol. And I'm adjectives bloated so nothing will fit anyway. Then I grasp annoyed that nothing fits right and I running out up just walking around. Your mentstral cycle involves fluncuations surrounded by your hormone levels
but hold never heard this one past but hormones are responsibly for a lot of other things.
SO it must be your hormones
That is a raw way of one more pretty, and very hormonal.. you're using PMS as an excuse for your compulsive shopping disorder...only just don't shop! or do something else away from malls
A new study come out today that shows people's spending judgment go out the window when they're down, especially if they're a bit self-absorbed.

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