At what ages is a womans sex drive at its uppermost point?

I have hear that a womans sex drive goes down sometimes after giving birth to children. But i hold heard that the point contained by their lives when it is at the highest point is when they accomplish the ages between 25 and 35. Just wanting to know if this is true. Even if you are a woman between these ages feel free to reply.

Answers:    i am 55...i still want it...but my liquid is drying my bf need more stimulation n include some cooking oil
30 when ever u return with an orgasm? idk
I'm hoping it is 44 my wife's age I have 4 children.Been married 32 yrs.And my sex drive have always be high.And I'm 50.
It go down after having a child because nearby is no time to take exactness of her own needs if she is a benevolent for a baby plus famine of sleep does not help. The best time for a women sexual high point is when she is in love it could be 22 or 92.
Figure that out. About 40-45, women quality very comfortable beside their body, and their family. So the sex drive is the matchless at this age.
Actually it is different for each woman. But, I be taught that women experience their strongest sex drives between the ages of 35 and 45 where on earth as men reach their sexual highlight in their teens. How cruel is that?

Good Luck
I've other heard that it's subsequently in existence for women...around age 40. different for every woman
Shucks <red Faced> I have agreed 50 yr olds that would or can wear a man out. And I have see a 60 yr old that be a sex maniac. So I guess the age is up to the individual woman. it begins to acme in the rash 30's and stays until menopause begins. i'm 37 and i consistency like i enjoy the sex drive of an 18 year old boy. it increased after i have kids. reason is, when you are pregnant, your body carry 20% more blood, your tiny little blood vessels expand to accomodate that extra blood. so they are disappeared a little bigger afterwards. hence, wider vessels-more blood flow-more sensation.

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