Can stress stop a length?

I have be under A LOT of stress the concluding 7 months. My husband was within an accident and is combat everyday. Not only that I am emotionally warfare with his household. I have not have sex in the second 7 1/2 months so I know I am NOT pregnant. I have not gotten my extent this month. I am going to the doc Feb 19.

Answers:    Yes, stress can stop your period. So an excessive exercising. It is your bodys means of access of trying to cope. Good job and scheduling an appointment next to your physician though.
the answer to your question is yes.. Stress can effect the body within many ways.
So to answer your grill, yes.
yes it can. For a while too. I would start getting worry if it last more than a couple of months, other than that it's typical i checked with my doctor past. And good luck near everything else! Yes stress can cause you not to own a period. Good thinking roughly making a doctor's appointment.

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